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Welcome to
PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment

The company was established on February 22 2000 with the line of business: Conduction labor supply to overseas job market with Agency License Number KEP. 190/MEN/X/2004.

Up-to-Date Job

We always provide up-to-date job, matches with Indonesian Workers competency in Placement Country, always giving a good chance for a good candidate.


Our Job-Board-System is integrated with end user in the Placement Country, also with the manpower system in Indonesia.


With more than 20 years of experience, we always understand how to serve both the user and worker to create comfort ambience at work.

About Us

On 25 March 2008, PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment make straegic collaborations with Work 4U in Australia PTY LTD, The company whose business in the placement of suitably qualified Indonesian workers in Australia Job under the relevant Australia work visa provisions. The company has agree to utilized the service of PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment in respect of the operation of its business.

Up to the present date PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment has supplied most labor to the Middle-East region such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and Malaysia. Also we are now progressively supply professionals & skilled labor to Australia.

A Message from Management

PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment which now collaboration with Work 4U Australia PTY LTD is a labor supply company managed bu the Board of Directors with years of experience in managing the business. With the guidance of the experienced Management, the company can grow rapidly, whic is turn contributes to the growth of the business nationally.

PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment is supported by a solid operational management team, consisting of professionals who are experts in their fields, and has a network in human resources management and database on the sources and candidates of Indonesian labor. The company has representatives all over Indonesia and abroad, so it is capable to quickly respond to and fulfill the requirements and technical demand of the operational activities.

The quality-based recruitment and training system which is adjusted with the competency and classification is the basic prescribed.

Standard to create reliable prospective workforce who are capale of competing with other workforce and fulfilling the demand of the global market.

The company's ability to expand is also due to directed financial support which becomes one of the important pillars in developing the company's mission as a recruitment agency which is oriented at the standard of quality and competency of the job market.

We are grateful to learn that the index of trust of the work partners at home and abroad has increased rapidly from year to year. This matter can be monitored from the increasing demand and the retention of old clients.

Finally we hope this website can give clear description on our company and at the same time it can serve as a presentation to create new collaborations which are mutually beneficial for all the parties.

Thank you.

Mr. A. Hakim A. Bala'mash
President Director

PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment is the member of IMPAC - Indonesian Manpower Placement Consortium. Together to create and conduct scalable management ecosystem for a reliable, sustainable, and accountable Indonesian Migrant Worker placement.

Our Job Information System is integrated to the state of the art SETAPAK System, to ensure your trust and privacy.

PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment

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PT. Yanbu Al Bahar Recruitment

Jalan Alternatif Kampung Nagrak Nomor 54
Desa Nagrak — Kecamatan Gunung Putri
Kabupaten Bogor — Jawa Barat


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